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Thai Massage

"Thai massage" is rather a generic term for several variants of massages originating from Thailand, all of which can have a health-promoting as well as healing effect. The applications are several thousand years old and can be limited to legs and feet, only the head and shoulders but also the whole body.

Masseuses from Thailand often train at the renowned Wat Po school in Bangkok. So it can be considered a sign of quality if such a diploma hangs on the wall. In general, massages have a high value in the Asian country, so you can find a massage store on almost every corner, even in small villages. The local population regularly treats itself to such a treatment, if time permits, then sometimes for two, three or more hours.

Massage with health benefits

In Thai massage, various points are massaged or pressed. Especially on the feet they reflect internal organs and stimulation of the points is said to have a healing effect. At the same time, during the treatment, the body is put in different positions, similar to yoga. In this way, the muscles are loosened and relaxed.

A Thai massage can also be performed with oil, in which case more stroking movements come into play and the treatment is more soothing and less harsh.

In the classic full body massage (without oil) you are dressed, respectively you get special loose clothes for the treatment. Once it is an oil massage, then you are either naked or wearing disposable panties.

What the happy ending is all about

It is important to know that a Thai massage has nothing to do with sex and one should refrain from expecting or asking for it. Nevertheless, it is possible that either asked or even unasked also the intimate area is massaged at the end. This is where the term "happy ending" comes from.

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