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Tantra Massage

In its original sense Tantra is to be seen as a movement of faith, an esoteric tradition originating from Hinduism and Buddhism. Over the centuries the understanding of Tantra has changed and adapted. Nowadays Tantra is mostly associated with yoga, meditation and also sexuality. Especially in relation to sexual use, one also speaks of "Neo Tantra", respectively simply of "Tantra massages" as developed by Andro Andreas Rothe in the 70s.

Various interpretations of Tantra

A Tantra massage in today's sense is a whole ritual and consists of touches, scents, sounds as well as stimulation by feathers and cloths. It is a combination of spirituality and sexual energy that needs to be stimulated. For this purpose different chakra points in the body are stimulated. One should experience the senses, experience the body better. There are different, sometimes very different ways of practicing Tantra massages. However, there is no fixed recipe and so the sessions are individual. In the more authentic forms, the classical spiritual rituals are in the center, including a welcome ceremony and breathing exercises. Even an orgasm is not necessarily the goal, but rather to get the energy flow going.

Less authentic forms are more limited to normal massages with stroking movements, accompanied by oriental scents and music. Since Tantra can be very intimate, many masseurs expect the recipient to adopt a passive attitude, so there is little or no mutual contact. It is recommended to simply let yourself go and follow the instructions.

Red Tantra

Occasionally "Red Tantra" is also offered, this includes the possible final "union", which is another word for sexual intercourse. When browsing through the offers you will quickly find out which provider really lives Tantra and therefore provides rather authentic massages. As soon as eroticism is in the focus, for example through explicit pictures or even intimate additional services, it is to be expected that real Tantra is rather in the background.

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